Asbestos Inspection

Asbestos inspection are now required in most states prior to any type of renovation or demolition activities. Asbestos is consider a hazardous material with many harmful characteristics and must be handled with someone who is licensed and certified by your state.

Inspections are done by taking samples of suspect materials and sending them to a lab for testing. This usually takes between 3-7 business days. Some of the most common building materials that contain asbestos are roofing, sheetrock, linoleum or tile flooring and window glazing just to name a few. Once samples are taken and sent the inspector will give you a detailed analyst of what was sampled, where the samples were taken, and the amount of asbestos contained in each material. If any asbestos is found during the inspection, it is very important that this material is not disturbed in any way.

Demolition Connection ensures you are connected with at state certified professional to perform your asbestos inspections. In most cases, we can provide same day service depending upon the property location and size.