Concrete Removal

What is Concrete Removal?

Concrete Removal is defined as the removal of any and all forms of concrete. Concrete is a very common material used in almost all types of construction in one form or another. Methods of removing concrete include: breaking, saw cutting, and crushing. Pricing for concrete vary depending upon your area and the location of dump sites available for concrete. A majority of states have what is call “inert” landfills that are strictly put in place for disposing concrete. Dumping at these landfills save money due to the fact they charge on a “per load” basis vs. price per ton. All of the complex equipment used for concrete removal must be operated by trained professionals to ensure a safe/accident free removal project.

Concrete Recycling

Recycling of concrete is becoming very common in today’s age of environmental awareness. Recycling is done using a concrete crusher. The large portions of concrete are crushed resulting in a raw material similar to gravel in a driveway. The raw material is then used in new construction such as foundations, slabs and also used as a fill material.

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