Driveway Removal

Although it sounds simple, driveway removal can be somewhat of a complex task for the average homeowner. Some homeowners decide to tackle this task themselves with a sledge hammer, shovel and many back breaking hours busting up their driveway and loading it onto a utility trailer to haul to the dump. Usually overloading and damaging their trailer, wasting many hours on their day off and becoming tired and aggravated in the process.

Our professionals use various types of small construction equipment such as mini excavators and skid steers to perform driveway removal. The driveway is broken into small, manageable pieces and loaded into a roll off container, dump trailer or dump truck. All of the material is then hauled and disposed of in a certified inert landfill or concrete recycling facility. Inert landfills are areas permitted by local or state government agencies that allow material such as concrete and asphalt debris to be used as fill. A concrete recycling facility will crush the concrete and use the resulting product in new construction, roadway improvements, etc. Once the driveway is removed the site will be graded to a level surface for construction of your new driveway.

Demolition Connection will connect you with a professional in your area for driveway removal and many other related removal projects such as sidewalks, patios, and foundations.