House Demolition

What is House Demolition?

House Demolition is defined as exactly as it sounds. It is the demolition of a house or residential structure. This type of demolition is usually contracted by the owner of a property, property manager or restoration company. House Demolition is usually necessary for a number of different reasons. A few of these reasons include: the property is no longer habitable in its current condition, house fire, storm damage, or re-building.

Selecting a House Demolition Contractor

House Demolition must always be performed by a fully licensed and insured demolition contractor or demolition company. The process of house demolition is done with a few simple machines such as skid steers, small excavators and small loaders. All of these machines must be operated by trained professionals to ensure a safe/accident free demolition project.

Recycling and Waste

In the current age of environmental awareness it is important your demolition contractor is knowledgeable of material with salvage or recycling value. Any material that can be diverted from our overcrowding landfills by salvaging and reselling or recycled for profits not only benefits our environment, it saves you money! A few items with salvage value in house demolition include windows, doors, trim, and flooring. A few items with recycling value in house demolition include different types of metal, wiring, and sometime structural brick.

Demolition Connection works closely with property owners, property managers and restoration companies to ensure you are connected with the right local demolition contractor for your project. Demolition Connection will connect you with a qualified professional in your area to guarantee successful completion of your house demolition project at an affordable price.