Industrial Demolition

What is Industrial Demolition?

Industrial Demolition is much more complex than residential or commercial demolition. It can be defined as selective or complete demolition of a property in an industrial area. These properties can consist of abandoned factories, closed plants, or treatment facilities. A majority of industrial demolition occurs when the use of the property is no longer needed in that area or expansion of the current facility.

Selecting a Industrial Demolition Contractor

Industrial Demolition must always be performed by a fully licensed and insured demolition contractor or demolition company. The process of selecting a industrial demolition contractor can be quite difficult due to the complexity of this type of project. Unlike residential or commercial demolition, industrial demolition requires the use of sophisticated equipment which sometimes includes processing shears, cranes, concrete crushers, and large excavators. All of these machines must be operated by trained professionals to ensure a safe/accident free demolition project.

Recycling and Waste

In the current age of environmental awareness it is important your demolition contractor is knowledgeable of material with salvage or recycling value. The aspect of recycling and salvage is a large factor in any industrial demolition project due to mass quantities of materials. Any material that can be diverted from our overcrowding landfills by salvaging and reselling or recycled for profits not only benefits the environment, it saves you money! A few items with salvage value include electrical equipment, HVAC units, fire suppression equipment and plumbing fixtures. Several items with recyclable value include different types of metal, wiring, structural steel, and other building components.

The current demand for steel is higher than we have seen in previous years therefore the recycling value has increased. In some situations, depending upon the quantity and type of material, you can sell your demolished debris.

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