Interior Demolition

What is Interior Demolition?

Interior Demolition is the process of removing the interior building components of a structure. This type of demolition consists of removing select items to removing all items and leaving the shell of a building. Interior Demolition is usually necessary in remodeling projects. An example where interior demolition is required: An old office building is remodeled to accommodate a business needing warehouse space. All the interior walls will be removed to create an open area. Interior Demolition is also referred to “gutting” a building or space.

Selecting a Interior Demolition Contractor

Interior Demolition must always be performed by a fully licensed and insured demolition contractor or demolition company. The process of Interior Demolition is mostly done with general labor knowledgeable in construction and demolition. In the past few years Interior Demolition has become a specialty. There are many complex tasks and factors associated with this type of demolition. Some factors include: methods of removing material, proper ventilation, noise pollution, and infection control. All of these tasks must be carried out with trained professionals to ensure a safe/accident free demolition project.

Recycling and Waste

In the current age of environmental awareness it is important your demolition contractor is knowledgeable of material with salvage or recycling value. Any material that can be diverted from our overcrowding landfills by salvaging and reselling or recycled for profits not only benefits our environment, it saves you money! One benefit of Interior Demolition is the material is demolished mostly with human labor and not machines therefore, makes it easier to identify and sort recyclable and salvage material.

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