Swimming Pool Removal

What is Swimming Pool Removal?

Swimming Pool Removal can be defined as the removal of all types of above ground and in ground pools. Above ground pools are removed by demolishing the pool and any decking surrounding the pool. All demolished material is hauled offsite for disposal. The area is graded to a level surface when complete. In ground pool removal is a bit more complex with the use of concrete breaking implements on skid steers and excavators.

What types of Swimming Pool Removal do I need?

The two types of in ground pool removal are described as:

Partial Removal: This is done by removing all the concrete walkway and patio areas surrounding the pool. The pool is then broken up a few feet below ground level and filled with dirt. The area will be graded to a level surface when complete.

Complete Removal: This is done by breaking up the entire pool including all walkways, patios, pool walls and bottom. All of the material is then hauled offsite for disposal. Last, the pool is filled with dirt and graded to a level surface.

Depending on your intentions for the area, once the pool is removed, partial removal is a much cheaper solution. If you plan to replace the pool or build a structure on the pool site, complete removal will be the best option.

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